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TOP PRIZETake part in THE BRITISH GUT PROJECT.We will donate £75 on your behalf so you can have your microbes analysed and find out what exactly is going on inside your unique gut.PLUS, you’ll receive a pack of your favourite Daily Cultures Tea!

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Healthy mouth, whiter teeth, happy gut!Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are a type of fat that are digested quickly and known for their great energy and metabolism-boosting effects. And whilst it’s seriously good for you to eat and great to cook with, you can also use it on your skin. It makes a great moisturiser, can easily remove make-up and when used as a shaving cream will leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.

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DIY Green Tea Moisturiser

The combination of Green tea, coconut oil and probiotics can all contribute to good health. But did you know we can also add these heroes to our beauty regime too!

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Porridge Oats Scrub

During the winter the colder, drier air makes our skin extra dry- and can leave it looking and feeling a little dull. We like to help relieve tired skin with a weekly face scrub made up of all the ingredients you would usually associate with your morning porridge...

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Introduction to Mindfulness

Have you ever stood in the shower and realised you’ve washed your hair twice? Most people you ask probably have, it’s a common example of us living on autopilot because our day-to-day lives are so busy...

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Tips for a great morning

Most of us will admit to not being much of a morning person, but getting stressed before 9am is not going to get us off on the right foot to a positive day...

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