Good Bacteria & our Bodies!

We aren’t born with all of the “good” or “friendly” bacteria our bodies need. Shortly after birth we develop the good bacteria in our intestines that are essential for a healthy digestive and immune system..


Our good bacteria help break down the food we eat into the essential nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, that our bodies need to stay healthy. And as over 70% of our immune system resides in our intestines, our good bacteria are really important!

What else do they do?
They also help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria which are responsible for illnesses and infections. The force is truly with them!

It’s interesting to know there are 10 times more bacteria living in our bodies than there are cells, and around 70% of those bacteria lives in our digestive system, weighing in at an impressive 3 pounds!

So we like to keep our ‘little buddies’ topped up with a nice Cuppa (and an extra billion or so good bacteria) to help us feel good every day.
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