DIY Green Tea Moisturiser

The combination of Green tea, coconut oil and probiotics can all contribute to good health. But did you know we can also add these heroes to our beauty regime too!

We’ve popped together this amazingly simple DIY moisturiser, packed full of antioxidants, to leave your skin seriously hydrated!

To make this moisturiser, we’ve combined our Daily Cultures Green Tea with coconut oil - which is proven to moisturise without clogging pores. It’s really easy to make, so why not let us know how you get on!

½ cup coconut oil
2 Daily Cultures green tea bags (2 billion good bacteria)


Heat the coconut oil in a pan to melt.
Remove the tags and pop the tea bags into the pan.
Cover and simmer on the lowest setting for an hour (don’t leave unattended!)
Use a spoon and squeeze the teabags against the side of the pan and remove.
Let cool completely until almost solid then whip until creamy (couple of minutes with an electric whisk should do it)