Transform Your Gut

It’s no surprise that in the past 50 years the Western diet has changed dramatically. Long working hours and all kinds of stress mean we have come to rely on rushed meals and convenience foods.

Traditional cooking and natural ingredients have given way to heavily processed and refined foods and all sorts of artificial sweeteners and additives.

That’s all very bad news for our digestive system. However, scientists and consumers alike are gradually becoming more aware of the link between healthy gut bacteria and our bodily and mental health. Simply put, poor gut health, poor you! So topping up our good bacteria, often referred to as Probiotics, is a great idea.

The good news is that restoring the balance is not as difficult as you might think. Keep your eyes peeled for our blog posts, where we try and offer easy recipe and lifestyle tips to help you feel better everyday.

Plants: Our planet gives us an abundance of naturally healthy and nutritious plants. Have you noticed how plant food is creeping into more and more diets? Aim to get a variety of plants into your meals every day –which include all the vegetables, fruits and herbs. Simple swaps, like replacing pasta with courgetti, will mean you are cutting down on sugar and encouraging your healthy gut bacteria.

Protein: A good rule of thumb is to try to make all meals consist of one portion of protein and two portions of plants. If you’re wondering how to include protein into your breakfast, did you know that oats are a natural source of protein? Try swapping your morning cereal for a bowl of porridge. Why not add a handful of blackberries which have a high vitamin C content?

Non Dairy Fats - Try using virgin olive oil, or coconut oil, to cook with or as a base for dressings. Virgin olive oil contains properties which have been linked with boosting good bacteria in the gut and coconut oils are anti-inflammatory - all good news for our gut lining.

These are some good first steps on your road to gut recovery. Benefits vary from person to person, but more commonly people report flatter tummies, more energy and better skin.

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