Does Pregnancy Change Gut Bacteria?

A woman’s body goes through many changes during each stage of pregnancy. But did you know that having a baby actually changes your microbes too?  

Scientists have discovered that the gut microbiome changes greatly between the first and third trimester and the microbes found during that third trimester are actually the same as those found in unhealthy and usually overweight people. In this instance, however, the microbes do not harm the mother and correspond with increases in blood sugar and fat distribution that a mother needs to nourish her child.  

When a baby is born it receives a dose of its mother’s microbiome as it passes through the birth canal. And that dose sets the basis for the child’s own unique gut bacteria development. More research is still being conducted, but so far it seems that keeping your gut stocked with good bacteria during every stage of pregnancy can be very beneficial for mother and even more so for the baby.  

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