Why A Healthy Gut Should Be A Top Priority

Health and Well being Consultant Lucie Lemay explains why a healthy digestive system should be top priority for busy people. Lucie Lemay is a Health and Well being Consultant and Journalist who specialises in helping time-poor professionals lead a more balanced and healthy life. Having worked in the advertising industry for 5 years, she experienced first-hand the difficulties of balancing work and life with healthy eating and living. She now focuses on helping busy people take back control of their health through the food they eat and the lifestyle choices they make.

'Today we ask so much of ourselves, both mentally and physically; we work longer hours, we squeeze more into our free time and sleep is last on our list of priorities.For many of us this lifestyle is starting to take its toll,resulting in poor energy levels, sleep patterns, mental clarity, skin and mood swings. Changing our lifestyle often isn’t an option, or even something we want to do, so how can you start to feel better without slowing down? Well it all starts with one rather large organ; your gut.

90% of the cells within our body are bacteria cells, therefore it’s no surprise that our general well being is dependent on the health of this ecosystem,otherwise known as the microbiome. Stress, environment, poor diet and general modern life can disrupt the balance of the microbiome, not only impacting the health of our immune system, but also our mental well being, moods and how we respond to stress.

The relationship between stress and gut health is a complex one, not only does stress impact the balance of bacteria in our gut, but an unhealthy gut also effects how we respond to stress. Serotonin is nature’s natural anti-depressant and 90% of it is produced in our gut so by making sure it’s in full working order will increase our body’s ability to release this feel good hormone,improving our moods and how we manage stress.

Not only will you be in a better mood, but giving your gut a little TLC will also help your body rid itself of toxins which not only helps to clear your skin, but also improve energy levels and fatigue symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, a common problem amongst busy professionals. Internally, a good gut can also aid digestion, boost your immune system to reduce illness and balance hormones to ease migraines, PMS and cramps. One of the simplest ways of boosting gut health is by introducing more good bacteria into your system with a probiotic, such as those found in Daily Cultures tea. So not only will a healthy gut help you deal with the stresses of a busy lifestyle, but it will have you full of energy, confidence and health as you run through your day.'

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